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How To Check Your Name On Jamb Matriculation List For NYSC mobilization


Jamb matriculation list

It is highly important as a student to check your name on the Jamb matriculation list. You were able to gain admission in various institutions in Nigeria, this institution includes Universities, polytechnics and college of education etc.
Congratulations to you. But do not relax. You did your school clearance and it went smoothly without any form of interruption. Maybe you have even started lectures in your various institutions. But the shocking truth is that you are mistaking somewhere. You are taking a very big risk if you don’t know about jamb matriculation list.
Let me start by asking you this few questions.


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What do you know about Jamb Matriculation list for NYSC Mobilization?
What do you know about the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)?
Do you know that due to desperate to acquire degree many secondary school leavers and their parents are falling into the trap of scammers and fraudsters?

This particular post contains  all you need to know about JAMB and NYSC updates and how to check if your name is on the Jamb list

At the end of this post, dailymotivation will be able to provide you with the right answers to these questions listed above. And I will teach with practical examples on how to check if your name is on the jamb matriculation list.
It is important that you confirm your name from the matriculation list. Only candidates whose names are on the list are recognised as bonafide students from the various accredited institutions.
I will start by giving you the answers to the questions lingering above.

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1 What do you know about jamb matriculation list for NYSC mobilization?

Jamb matriculation list is a new jamb policy aimed at denying graduates mobilization for the NYSC scheme if their names are not on the jamb matriculation list. To avoid spending your entire life in school and end up with nothing it is highly advisable to ensure you check your jamb matriculation list portal before it is late. Fake admission is said to be the major causes of rejection to participate in NYSC programme.

2 What do you know about the National Youth Service Corps?

National Youth Service Corps is a scheme set by the Nigerian government to involve in nation-building and development of the country. NYSC is mandatory for every graduate. Because Nigeria graduates are totally ineligible for empowerment in the governmental establishment. this is the reason while as an undergraduate you are to make sure there is no single mistake when doing any school registration or faking of any document.
So in order to be sure of this you are advised to follow the guideline here to check your NYSC mobilization status.
There are two (2) ways to check your name on jamb matriculation list.

1.Through jamb matriculation list portal

2. Through your Jamb official website

How to check your name through jamb matriculation list portal

Step 1. Visit https://jamb.org.ng/efacility/checkmatriculationlist
Step 2. Select Examination year
Step 3. Type in your registration number
Step 4. Hit fetch my details

How to check your name through jamb official website

Step 1. Visit https://www.jamb.gov.ng/home.aspx

You will see something like this

Jamb matriculation list.

Step 2. Click on student you will check matriculation list

Step 3. Fill in your details and hit fetch my details

To qualify to be on the Matriculation List:

  • Print your Admission Letter Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Print your Result Slip Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Verify the two documents with the admission officer in your Institution

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